Our Fundraising

Yard Sales: 
    #1 (June 16, 2012):  $315
    #2 (June 30, 2012):  $341
    #3 (August 3-4, 2012):  $2,321
Thanks to loving family and friends who have donated time and many items!

The Green Sheep Lawn Service
    Transfer #1 (July 11, 2012):  $1,812.50
    Transfer #2 (October 4, 2012):  $1,812.50

Etsy Shop - Stitched in Love
    Gross Sales:  $375

Rooted in Love Ministry
    Gross Sales:  $254

Rebekah Blocher Necklaces
    Proceeds:  $328

    Donate Button:  $395
    Donations hand-delivered:  $6,789.76
    Anonymous donation to our agency on our behalf:  $500
Can you believe this?! Such love and generosity!!

Amazon Associates Ad Link:  $34.55

Gift Basket (on blog):  $2,105
Gift Basket (at hair salon):  $70

Pancake Breakfast w/ Casey's$1,944.50

Puzzle Fundraiser: $2,512

Personal Items Sold
    Truck:  $3,350
    Gun:  $200

The Crazy Cocoon:  $45



  1. I love how you have this broken down! It makes you see how every little bit really does add up.

    1. It really does. From the beginning, I've wanted people to see how by simply buying one necklace, or by donating to yard sales, they really make a difference in our process. It's truly the combined effort of many.


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